Plerion is an experimental prototype for a web application platform that can be extended via third party apps.

Atlassian AppLib

Atlassian AppLib is a Java library that makes developing Atlassian apps easier.

Settings Framework

The Settings Framework makes it easy to add settings pages to web applications with minimal effort. Currently it is used primarily in Confluence plugins.


LabelMerge is a Java utility class that can merge two sets of labels.


Jekyll::Paginate::Multiple is a Jekyll plugin that uses jekyll-paginate for the pagination, but allows to paginate multiple blogs. This allows to make the pagination work, for example, with multiple blogs in multiple languages.

Static Content Server

Static Content Server can serve content stored in Markdown files as JSON. It can be used, for example, to simulate a content API for a web frontend.


BuildingStuff is a tutorial website on how to build stuff, which was developed in a series called on this YouTube channel.

Event YMN

Event YNM helps to create unique event names by adding the year, the month or a number. It adds an array ymn to each event in the form of [Boolean, Boolean, Number].

Fixed-Sized Thumbnail Grid

Fixed-Sized Thumbnail Grid is an example of a site displaying fixed-sized thumbnails in a grid. The media queries of the width are generated with Sass, so the grid aways fits perfectly into the site.

Backbone/Handlebars Starter

Backbone/Handlebars Starter is a starter project that users Backbone.js, Handlebars, Bootstrap and RequireJS.

Gravatar for Confluence

Gravatar for Confluence is a Confluence plugin that adds support for Gravatar images to Confluence. is a bash script that backups a directory to an AFP share with rsync.


Soundblog is a blog based on Jekyll and the Inspired theme that allows you to easily post Soundcloud tracks. It has an admin page written with Backbone.js that talks directly to Github to add, edit and delete posts.

Abstract Mail Processor

Abstract Mail Processor is an abstract Confluence plugin that can be used as a base for developing a plugin that processes mails from a mail account.


Inspired is a simple and clean theme for Jekyll based on the default layout. It is also the theme for this site.


Linch is an experimental web application framework and platform written in Java that consists of multiple components.


Dresscode is a form-object based validation framework that is completely independent from your models.


Blogwiki is an experimental Confluence plugin, that lets you use Confluence as a public blog, with the addition, that besides blog posts, also wiki pages are published to the front page.


Macrospeed is a Confluence macro that measures the time Confluence needs to render the enclosing body and displays it on the page.It is intended to help developers or administrator track down slow macros, or just to see how fast a macro is.


Slidify is a Confluence plugin that creates a presentation on the fly from a Confluence page. The first version was originally developed as a (now discontinued) Speakeasy extension for presentation at the Atlassian User Group Munich.


SysPeek is a system monitor indicator that displays CPU usage, memory usage, swap usage, disk usage and network traffic. is a shell script for managing and listening to audio streams. It stores your favourite streams and plays them with MPlayer.


Angaza is a simple and clean theme for storytlr.