I am super excited! Today I founded my own software company: Backtick Labs. The purpose of the company is to develop digital products. And the first product will be an iOS/Android app. Hopefully I can talk about it real soon!

Why the name Backtick Labs? Well, it sounds cool. That’s actually very important :) But let’s start with Labs. I think a lab or labs indicate in the software world that the work is something experimental, something that needs development and research because it hasn’t been done before. I think that’s essential if you want to create products that are unique and change the status quo. Also it shows to the outside world what kind of software the company intends to write, namely something new, not something that already exists.

And Backtick - well, on the one hand, it is something personal. I love markdown, and I love to use the backtick for inline-code. Actually I also use it to highlight other things than code, like I highlighted Backtick Labs in this article. And I also love the new template strings in ES6. In my development career I dealt with a lot of template engines (see also this and this post) and in my opinion template strings are an elegant and simple way to build templating into the programming language.

But I also think the backtick is a special character because it is used standalone, i.e. not above a letter as a grave accent, (as far as I known) only in programming. And different programming languages have a different and purpose for it, like in JavaScript the template strings. In Bash everything between backticks is executed and in the widely used Github flavored Markdown, you can use syntax highlighting by fencing code with three backticks. So this character enables you to extend your language for a special use.

So Backtick represents programming, elegance, simplicity, extensibility, multipurpose and Labs represents experimental, development, unique, research and new. I think these properties will be a good foundation for Backtick Labs.

And last but not least, the first app developed by Backtick Labs could have something to do with markdown and with a special usage of the backtick character. Well see ;) Keep an eye on http://www.backticklabs.com for news and updates :)