So this is my new blog? ‘New’ because I had an old blog. And I deleted it. The reason I did it, was that most of the articles where howtos for things that are now obsolete. No one is interested now in how to work around an ALSA bug in Ubuntu 7.10. And because I hadn’t posted anything new for months, I just took it down.

A couple of days, I went without a blog, but that didn’t feel right. So very soon after purging it, I downloaded a fresh copy of Wordpress, and put it here. I didn’t delete or replace the “Hello world!” post, I just let it sit there, knowing that someday I want to blog again… about something.

Well, yesterday, while randomly surfing the internets, I came across this blog post from Alex Payne. He is talking about taking a hiatus from blogging, so funnily, exactly the opposite of what I am doing. But he says:

I write for myself. Always have, always will. Writing helps me structure my ideas.

And that is the opposite of what I was doing. I wrote, not for me, but for others. I like the idea, writing for oneself, without an audience in mind. Focusing on things, you think are important. And that motivated me, even though it was already pretty late at night, to go into my blogs admin panel again.