I was interested the other day, what webservers are being used by the big websites.

So I wrote two little Java programs. The first one collects all the websites, that are listed on the Alexa traffic ranking site (500 total). The second one makes a HTTP connection to each site and grabs the server information. At the end, it uses the gathered data to create a nice HTML-page with a summary and a detailed list.

HTML-page: Top 500 Webserver (08.04.2007)


Apache: 50.4 % Microsoft-IIS: 15.4 % GWS (Google Web Server): 11.0 % Other: 9.2 % Error: 7.6 % ? : 3.6 % Netscape-Enterprise: 1.6 % Sun-ONE-Web-Server: 1.2 %

So, what did that tell me? 1. Apache is still #1 2. Jeez! 11% Google sites in the top 500!

At that point, I remembered an article I read lately:

Google is the most dangerous company now by far, in both the good and bad senses of the word.

Source: Paul Graham - Microsoft Is Dead

It's quite interesting to go through the detailed list.

What attracted my attention: - 3 Ubuntu servers - one site using Apache on Windows - www.icio.us doesen't exist, only del.icio.us